WARCO Type A Automatic Transmission Fluid


WARCO Type A Automatic Transmission Fluid is an economical uid blended from quality base oils for use in older American, European, and Asian automobile and light truck automatic transmissions, hydraulic systems and power steering units requiring Type A Fluid and/or where uid leakage and high consumption is a problem.


1 liter
4 liter
5 Liter
1 US Qt
1 US Gal
5 US Qt
5 US Gal
55 US Gal
6 Gal BIB
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WARCO Type A ATF is dyed red to aid in leak detection. It is an excellent top-off fluid that blends well with original transmission fluids, but is not recommended for complete fluid changes. 

*Type-A ATF fluids are not recommended for use where DEXRON® or MERCON® fluids are specified.

Always check your owner’s manual for proper service recommendations.

SUITABLE FOR: Older Automatic Transmission

  • Additives for smooth shifting
  • Fights rust and corrosion
  • Dyed red for leak protection
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QT Rectangle FPATF20WC012SQ 818265023913
5-QUART - -
5 GAL - -
55 GAL  - -
6 GAL BIB  - -
1-Liter FPATF20WC01LRD 818265024804
4-Liter - -
5-Liter  - -