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US Global Petroleum is a U.S. based manufacturer and global distributor of quality lubricants and technical fluids for passenger and commercial vehicles as well as industrial applications.

The United States of America is one of the world leaders in oil manufacturing and refining, huge impacting on the world economy. US Global Petroleum Company has proved in this industry as a global player focusing on premium quality products at competitive prices. Currently, we are one of those who have a high score in the US oil companies. Withal, our oil products are well known outside the country. 

We want to assure you that we make strict quality control measures during all oil manufacturing stages. Engine oil is undergoing extensive tests in our laboratories, and only after they match the certain preset parameters, we can allow their use. Some of the most famous brands we actively promote in the market are Golden Stallion, Everest, Rover, Warco, iLast and Petromerica. These manufacturers are involved not only in motor oil manufacturing but also in other fluids and automotive products. So, in recent years we have diversified our reach to offer you products that include chemicals, hydraulics, lubricants, antifreeze and much more from these brands.

Our company successfully cooperates with both independent and authorized retail outlets, oil drilling companies and gas stations to government agencies. From year to year, we supply more than 20 million liters of car motor oil as well as other liquids to customers that meet all API standards and requirements. Our plant has modern high-tech equipment with a modular construction scheme that contributes to the production of a wide range of oils and lubricants. Strict controls at all stages of production, constant research, rigorous laboratory testing, highest standards of quality insure the line of best oil industry products. Welcome to our plant to get the live experience of our manufacturing! 

US Global Petroleum is undergoing a steady business expansion. We hope to explore unchartered territories and reach a new level in the US oil production. Our goal is providing the best, premium quality car oil and related products to our partners and customers. 
Due to the high capacity of our plants and an excellent team of engineers, exceptionally high-quality raw materials, affordable prices, US Global Petroleum quickly adapts to the needs of the market and satisfies the requirements of customers who need a product specially created for them. Join our team, we can provide you with a quality new-generation motor oil from a reputable company!

Latest News

US Global Petroleum is now ISO certified

US Global Petroleum has been assigned and deemed to comply with the requirements of the following standards: ISO 9001 :2015 - Quality Management System ISO 45001 :2018 - The system of Management of Safety and Protection of Health at Work ISO 14001: 2015 - Environmental Management System

Introducing Lube Squad of New Jersey - the only exclusive official distributor of US Global brands on the East Coast

US Global is happy to announce to reach an agreement with Lube Squad of New Jersey to be the only exclusive distributor on the east coast.