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ILast Hi-Temp Red Grease

Available packaging

14 OZ

iLast Hi-Temp Red Grease is engineered for extended use in many agricultural, automotive, construction, and industrial applications and provides a tough, lubricating film for moving parts.  An Extreme Pressure Multi-Purpose Grease Designed for Extended Intervals. With it’s lithium complex and state-of-the-art additive package, iLast Hi-Temp Red Grease meets the ever-increasing equipment requirements for film strength, operating temperatures, stability, and lubricant life. Additionally, iLast Hi-Temp Red provides superior protection against spalling and wear as well as excellent protection against rust and corrosion.

This multi-purpose lubricant is ideal for use on:

  • Wheel bearings
  • Ball joints
  • Universal joints
  • Water pumps
  • Fifth wheels
  • Ball and roller anti-friction bearings
  • Conventional sleeve bearings

Performance Attributes and Benefits

Premium Base Oils: We begin with quality base stocks that provide excellent performance and pumpability in cold temperatures, oxidative stability, and retains film thickness.

Lithium Complex: Our lithium complex provides a high temperature operating range with a dropping point of 500°F.

Fortified With Special Polymers: Our polymer package reduces oil separation and resists water washout keeping the grease in applications longer.

Extreme Pressure Performance: A state-of-the-art extreme pressure additive package helps moving components withstand heavy shock loads and prevents early wear.