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HDEL Heavy Duty Extended Life Full Synthetic ATF

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1 US Qt
1 US Gal
5 US Qt
5 US Gal
55 US Gal
265 Gal
330 Gal

It is suitable for heavy duty automatic commercial, trucks, buses, utility vehicles, haulers, vans, police cars and other transmissions and equipment operating in extended service and applications that calls for DEXRON® III / MERCON® ATFs, Allison TES-295, Allison C4, ZF TE-ML 17C, 21L or MAN 339 Type F, Z1, Z2, V1, V2 comparable performance levels. It helps prevent the accumulation of sludge and varnish deposits, provide oxidation and thermal stability, friction control, and foam, corrosion and wear protection. Everest Heavy Duty Extended Life Full Synthetic ATF is compatible with mineral ATF fluids and provides, excellent transmission cleanliness under all conditions permitting extended oil drain and decreased service. 

*Not to be used for DCT or CVT applications

Comparable performance levels Allison TES-295, Allison C4, DEXRON®-III, MERCON®, ZF TE-ML 17C, 21L, MAN 339 Type F, Z1, Z2, V1, V2, Voith

  • Recommended for heavy duty automatic transmissions
  • Formulated for severe duty and extended drain intervals
  • Outstanding smooth shifting and power transfer properties
QUART FPATFELEV012FS 818265024811
5-QUART FPATFELEV05QFS 818265024835
5 GAL FPATFELEV05GFS 818265024842
55 GAL FPATFELEV055FS 818265024859
6 GAL BIB    
265 Gal FPATFELEV265FS 818265024866
330 Gal FPATFELEV330FS 818265024873