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Tiger's Head Dexron-VI Full Synthetic ATF

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1 US Qt
5 US Qt
55 US Gal

GRADE: Multi-Vehicle Formulation


Field Tested: DEXRON® III/III(H)/IIE, Ford MERCON®, Nissan® Matic Fluids, Hyundai/Kia SP-II/III/IV, Toyota WS, T-III, T-IV, Mercedes Benz®, Honda® Z-1, Allison® C-3, C-4, MERCON® LV, Volvo CE 97340, ZF TE-ML 09

Tiger's Head DEXRON®-VI Automatic Transmission Fluid is a fully licensed DEXRON®-VI ATF (License Number: J-60189), the only GM® approved specification for vehicles of model years 2006 and newer. Tiger's Head Multi-Vehicle DEXRON®-VI ATF is a high performance universal ATF providing superior oxidation control, extended service intervals, maximum year-round low and high temperature performance, improved fuel economy and shear stability. It is suitable for use where GM DEXRON®-VI, DEXRON® III/III(H)/IIE, DEXRON® II, Ford MERCON® LV, Allison®, Honda® Z-1, Hyundai/Kia SP-II/III/IV, Toyota WS,T-III, T-IV, Mercedes Benz®, or Nissan® Matic C/D/J/K/S Fluids are recommended.

Multi-Vehicle ATF suitable for use in most GM, Ford, Toyota, Honda, and other high
performance vehicles.

*Not for used in extended drain heavy duty diesel, Type F, CVT or DCT applications.