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The primary function of ROVER All Purpose Gear Oils is to sustain its lubricating characteristics even under adverse situations like extreme pressure, while the ROVER GL-5 85W-90 LS, 85W-140 and 80W-140 Gear Oils offer powerful resistance to rust and oxidation, thereby reducing friction, corrosion, and accumulation of hazardous components. If you consider the ROVER GL-5 75W-90 and 75W-140 Synthetic Gear Oils, they outshine others when it comes to thermal stability and excellent axle and transmission protection features. ROVER Full Synthetic Gear Oils also contain anti-oxidants and resist corrosion to suppress damage from harmful residue.

Why opt for ROVER GL-5 Gear Oils?

These oils are used in multiple industries (such as agriculture, construction, mining, and quarrying) and in several types of machinery and automobiles like vans, trucks, and buses. They are lubricants developed using top quality base oils and selected additives, for reducing friction via uniform distribution throughout the gear train. Specific inhibitors are added to prevent oxidation, foaming, corrosion, and rusting. A special type of additive can render this type of oil capable enough to endure shock loading and heavy loads.

To sum up, the ROVER Multi-Purpose Gear Oils have the following features:

  • Use premium quality additives to provide extreme pressure properties.
  • Protects critical automobile gears from foreign elements like dirt, grease, dust, and grime.
  • Packed with anti-scuff and anti-wear components.
  • Prevents sludge from accumulating as a thick residue on inner components as they inhibit carbon and varnishes.
  • Their overall performance is unaffected by fluctuating temperatures.
  • The oil is specifically designed to meet multi-grade viscosity requirements due to being infused with naturally high index improvers.
  • Good shelf life - retains viscosity even through shear due to better chemical stability.


Last but not the least, ROVER Multi-Purpose Gear Oils meet and exceed all pre-defined industry standards.