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AW Fluid

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5 US Gal
55 US Gal

ROVER AW Hydraulic Oils are well-known in the petroleum industry for their strong anti-wear characteristics, which is why they are the first choice when it comes to different types of industrial equipment and machinery. These oils are structured in such a way that they are in compliance with ISO viscosity grade classifications, namely: 32, 46, and 68.

The Rover anti-wear hydraulic oils have the following features:

  • Premium grade thermal stability, so their performance remains unaffected in case the temperature fluctuates.
  • Oxidation, foam and rust inhibitors to prevent accumulation of deposits and enhance lubrication.
  • These hydraulic oils are durable and significantly improve oil drain time periods.
  • Due to reduced friction, the overall energy loss also decreases.
  • They have a large viscosity index for better film thickness since the flow remains uniform at the lowest of temperatures.


To put it in a nutshell, Rover AW Hydraulic Oils enable seamless operation of gears, circulating systems, pumps, and compressors even if the operating conditions are severe. It is a top quality product with long-lasting and stable performance.