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The mechanism of auto transmissions has changed a lot over past years. The systems have evolved swiftly, which has prompted manufacturers to step up production in order to create top-of-the-line, advanced transmission oils that are compatible in terms of features and other parameters. It is imperative that the transmission fluid is chosen only after evaluating the specifications of the system, such as performance levels and viscosity grades. The top products in this category are ROVER Automatic Transmission Fluid, ROVER Premium ATF-III Automatic Transmission Fluid, and ROVER Multi-Vehicle Automatic Transmission Fluid.

While each has its own set of characteristics and benefits, we have compiled a list of the top features of automatic transmission fluids for your convenience – take a look:

  • The fluid behaves like a coolant and prevents overheating.
  • Extracts the power from the engine and distributes to the transmission.
  • The fluids are specifically formulated to be thermally stable over a wide temperature range – due to excellent viscosity; the vehicle is able to shift seamlessly.
  • Offers superior protection to transmission components, which is a notch above petroleum-based oils.
  • Resists oxidation and suppresses buildups of deposits and residue like carbon, sludge, debris, or varnish.
  • The transmission often generates by-products that could block or hamper the workings of the internal portion of the engine or a few components, but the fluid puts up a strong resistance against their breakdown.
  • Continuous exposure to moisture or chemicals could lead to rust and corrosion, but the fluid prevents this from happening.


Be it industrial hydraulic systems or power-assisted steering equipment, ROVER Automatic Transmission Fluids are a good choice in terms of performance and longevity. For further details please download our data specification sheets.