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Golden Stallion SAE-90 Gear Oil

Available packaging

1 liter
1 US Gal
1 US Qt
4 liter
5 liter
5 US Gal
5 US Qt
55 US Gal

GRADE: GL-4 / MT-1



  • Reliable film strength for wear protection
  • First-rate oxidation and foam resistance
  • Good seal protection and lubricant life
  • Superior extreme pressure, oxidation stability and anti-foam protection
  • Excellent rust, corrosion and anti-wear protection


Golden Stallion SAE-90 GL-4 Gear Oil is a multi-purpose lubricant blended from selected high viscosity base stocks and advanced additives. Golden Stallion GL-4 Gear Oils provide superior extreme pressure, oxidation stability, rust, corrosion, anti-wear, anti-scuff and anti-foam protection. They are recommended for use in automobile, truck and heavy equipment gear boxes, manual transmissions, bearings, gear reducers and many other applications where an API service classification GL-4 gear oil is specified.


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5 GAL - -
55 GAL - -
1-Liter - -
4-Liter - -
5-Liter - -