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While looking for any car engine oil, consumers always prefer to select a well-known brand. Golden Stallion being one of the top players in the market, is an obvious choice, due to which, products under this label keeps flying off the shelves. For your business to do well, you need to ensure there is no compromise when it comes to quality and brand name. There is nothing worse than customers enquiring about a product, say car motor oil, and returning empty-handed due to lack of availability. Golden Stallion oil reviews have been positive with everyone recommending the brand when it comes to oil for cars, or any other purpose. Join hands with us so we can work together towards a lucrative partnership in the future.

The best quality as always


Just like other multi-grade oils available under the label of US Global Petroleum, the Golden Stallion Maximum Performance Full Synthetic Motor Oils are manufactured in our facility under strict supervision so we can provide you with top quality products that meet the preset standards of the lubricant industry. They are blended using high performance, finely refined engine oil additives and top grade index base oils. The synthetic motor oils are multi-functional that have a wide range of applications – apart from being used as oil for cars, they are also designed for heavy duty vehicles, equipment, and machines. They flow smoothly and uniformly, thereby distributing the power evenly to avoid fluctuations and problems related to thermal stability and viscosity, which is why the performance continues to be top-notch even if the temperature changes are sudden and abrupt.

Why Golden Stallion Oil?

The Golden Stallion synthetic motor oils are a huge improvement over conventional motor oils – take a look:

  • They are energy efficient and enhance longevity of machine components when used as engine oil.
  • The car motor oil has high film strengthening abilities that shield against wear and tear, especially during start-up.
  • Since the total car engine oil consumption is less, the quantity of used oil to get rid of, also reduces simultaneously.


As an added advantage, Golden Stallion synthetic motor oils improve fuel economy too. For more details, please refer to our data specifications sheet.