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Everest Extreme Tractor and Hydraulic HT Fluid is a multi-use hydraulic, transmission and wet-brake lubricant that is designed for farm machinery and off-road heavy equipment. Ideal for tractor hydraulic systems, transmission and final drives sharing a common reservoir. It provides excellent results in rust protection, water sensitivity, extreme pressure/anti-wear properties and foam suppression and provides cooling and frictional properties for wet-brakes and power takeoff clutches.

Tractor oil should ensure the efficient operation of the engine/transmission in conditions of high loads
and a wide range of temperatures. The highest quality oil from such a manufacturer as Everest (i.e.
Extreme Tractor and Hydraulic HT Fluid) contains base oils and additives that ensure reliable operation
of the engine, transmission, and vehicle hydraulics in difficult operating conditions. This tractor oil is an
economic, low viscosity, single grade lubricant formulated from a blend of highly refined base oils with a
high-performance additive package. Everest Extreme Tractor and Hydraulic HT Fluid has more
advantages than other tractor oils and provides excellent results in:

  • Rust protection;
  • Water sensitivity;
  • Extreme pressure/anti-wear properties;
  • Foam suppression.

It can be used both old and new tractor models, can lubricate in older tractor transmission, differential
and final drive gears in tractors and implements where an economic fluid is needed, as well as can be
recommended as a replacement tractor hydraulic fluid.

The best tractor oil as Everest Extreme Tractor and Hydraulic HT Fluid is available at affordable
wholesale prices in 5 Gal Pail, 55 Gal Drum, 265 Gal Tote, 330 Gal Tote. To buy tractor oil in barrels
means to get a product with such useful features as:

  • High viscosity-temperature indicators;
  • The good frictional properties ensuring effective work of coupling;
  • Effective anticorrosive protection of non-ferrous metals;
  • High depreciation parameters;
  • Good washing properties;
  • Easy cold start;
  • Prevention of foaming;
  • Economic efficiency.

Buying the best tractor oil for special agricultural machines & equipment from US Global Petroleum will
ensure its effective functioning in various operating conditions.