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Everest Chain Oil is formulated to protect chainsaw chains and bar. Contains a tackiness additive which reduces throw-off and drip page from moving parts such as chainsaw chains while minimizing wear of moving parts even at high-speed operation. This oil prevents premature chain wear at both low and high temperatures.

Any chains in the technique are considered one of the most loaded nodes. Therefore it is necessary to choose special lubricants for them which will not be washed off by water, wind or speeds. The category of auto-chemistry for chain drives includes chain oils which ensure uninterrupted performance of the moving parts. The chain lubricant is a compound that has all the inherent properties of a lubricant and reliably protects the chain mechanism from premature wear. Everest Chain Oil is efficient performance chain lubricant and maintenance oil suitable for use with a wide range of chainsaw chains and bar. Chain Fluid with high adhesion and lubricity features helps to reduce energy loss, friction and wear under high loads. Due to the strong penetration and adhesive properties, it assists in rust and corrosion reduction and helps to reduce noise and vibration.

Universal chain oil is used for general purpose chain oil applications and improved the quality of performance of chain mechanisms when interacting in various temperature regimes.

 High-temperature chain oil has increased wear resistance, thermal stability, operating at a temperature of 200°C and higher, is resistant to water and high humidity. It protects against oxidation, provides a high degree of viscosity of oil particles. An important feature of the lubricant is increased penetration since maximum moistening of all existing points of contact and friction of parts is necessary for the high-quality performance of the car mechanism.

Excellent low-temperature chain oil properties are recommended for low-temperature chain applications. At low temperatures, it is worthwhile to make sure that the fluidity is high or you have to clean it often.

Oil for chain mechanisms is used in chains of various devices: chainsaws (for processing the chain itself, the guide rail and the oil pump), power saws, bicycles, motorcycles, industrial equipment (conveyors), etc.

Special chain lubricant has unique properties that can significantly increase the service life of various technique devices. When choosing a chain lubricant, pay attention to the technical features of the oil since they must fully comply with the device for which they are selected.