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1 US Qt


  • Full synthetic maximum wear protection
  • Outstanding low temperature flow properties


Everest Full Synthetic Automatic Transmission Fluid is formulated to meet the stringent specifications of Toyota including Toyota ATF D-II, ATF D-III, ATF T-III, ATF T-IV, and ATF WS. It provides extreme protection including additional oxidation control, excellent low temperature and superior shear stability performance in modern passenger car, flex-fuel vehicle, hybrid, truck, and sport utility vehicle transmissions. It is suitable for use in automatic transmissions calling for GM DEXRON® II/III/IIE/IIIH, Allison C-3 & C-4, CAT TO-2, Ford MERCON®LV, Honda Z-1, DW-1, Hyundai/Kia SP-II/III/IV, JASO 1A, 2A, Nissan Matic Fluids, and many other American, Asian and European OEM’s performance standards including Mercedes Benz NAG 1, MAN 339A, Mazda, Mitsubishi, Subaru, Porsche, Voith 55.6335, VW, ZF TE-ML 21L, ZF 8 & 9 speed and BMW 4- and 5-speed automatic transmission specifications.


Always refer to owner’s manual for manufacturer’s recommendations.