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US Global Petroleum has acquired the operations of Petromerica

US Global Petroleum, a leading & reputed North American oil manufacturer and global distributor of licensed quality lubricants and hydraulics, has acquired a successful oil brand Petromerica. This is a young but rapidly growing American oil company, well-known to automotive industry experts not only in the United States but also throughout the world.

Petromerica Brand offers its customers the oil products at the automotive market backed by extensive experience and experts. The company moves forward based on the principle of continuous development, innovation as well as leading-edge technology, and satisfies customer expectations through a wide range of high-performance products. Petromerica product line includes a wide range of car engine, hydraulic, and transmission oils as well as heavy-duty and high mileage oils for servicing cars and trucks, agricultural machinery, motorcycles, and other vehicles.

The products are designed on 100% synthetic base oils with the enriched package of additives that give an extra power reserve to the engine. The lubricants have been approved by leading automakers and meet all API standards. The company carries out regular quality control to ensure compliance with these standards. Petromerica oils are gaining popularity among US customers today. This can be judged by the rapidly growing distribution network, partnerships as well as sales growth. Get a pulse on Petromerica brand!