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EVEREST Heavy Duty Diesel Engine Oils Performance Comparison Test Results demonstrated superior quality and consistency.

Our premium heavy duty diesel engine oils are designed to meet manufacturers latest requirements for EGR engines. Premium heavy duty diesel motor oil PLD‐3 15W‐40 is recommended for use in naturally aspirated, turbo-charged or supercharged diesel, gasoline and propane engines in on-highway, off-highway, construction, farm, marine, pick‐up and delivery and passenger car service. Exceeds API service CI‐4, CH‐4, SL, CJ‐4, as well as the requirements of Cummins CES 20078, Caterpillar ECF-1, Detroit Diesel Power Guard 93K214 and MACK EO‐N Premium Plus 03. PLD‐3 was especially designed to meet diesel engine manufacturer’s latest requirements for EGR Engines.

For more information please review Everest Heavy Duty PDF  - download.