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Reliable and durable operation of a car engine is primarily associated with which engine oil is used in its operation. The choice of oils is huge and car owners do not always orient themselves in this variety. Sometimes a quality and expensive product unsuitable for the type of engine can seriously damage the motor. Really understanding the numerous standards, types, and features of motor oil are really not easy. In addition, this product is represented by many manufacturers on the American market, each of which is fighting for its customers. And the simple formula “price-quality” is valid only for certain types and characteristics of oils with the caveat that their engine oil manufacturer has a strong reputation on the market.

What factors determine the basic requirements for motor oils? Here they are:

  • Stability of physicochemical features at high-temperature influences
  • Ensuring anti-wear properties
  • Acid neutralization
  • Good detergents
  • Foaming resistance, inability to form a corrosive environment
  • High viscosity to temperature ratio
  • Compatible with seal materials
  • Operational properties.

US Global Petroleum is the most recognizable and reputable American motor oil manufacturer in which products have been tested for many years, provide the appropriate approvals and are certified by API. In addition, we recommend the products of major brands of motor oils that have confirmed their reputation, and in many ways even outstripped some world leaders. Beware of fakes flooded the market. The reputation of brands and the availability of product quality certificates should be your motivation in choosing the right oil.