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Rover – Great Quality and Performance

US Global Petroleum always provides top quality products under some of the most reputed brand names in the petroleum industry. As an EPA established manufacturer, we make sure that each product deemed to be “saleable” is extensively tested and evaluated to verify that it passes certain standards before being listed on our website.

Products like Rover motor oil have acquired a good reputation in the market, which is why we have included Rover products to our already growing catalog. Our current offerings are – Full Synthetic Motor Oil, Synthetic Blend Motor Oil, DESOX1 Approved Full, DESOXI Approved Synthetic, Automatic Transmission Fluid, GL-5 Gear Oils, and AW Hydraulic Oil.

Since Rover API approved, we recommend them safely for your customers as well. The demand for best engine oil or best engine oil is slowly increasing and this brand has earned itself a name due to providing advanced products that perform consistently under extreme conditions. Petroleum engineering has been given an enormous boost thanks to these premium quality products such as the Rover 5W-40 fully synthetic multi purpose oils, which have exceptional longevity, inhibits corrosion and rust build up, protects engine parts from wear, and so on. It is time for you to reap the benefits by expanding your business and conquering new heights in the industry.

Rover motor oil review has received fantastic responses:

  • Protects the engine and other parts from standard wear & tear, even if the conditions are rough.
  • It does an amazing job by reducing oxidation, and preventing any foreign deposits such as dirt or debris.
  • Specialized base stocks and additives ensure that rust and corrosion are both inhibited, and are unable to pile up.
  • Exceptional shear stability performance and steady shift margin.
  • You will notice a marked change in fuel economy due to reduction in friction and wear, especially when the vehicle is started.
  • The overall performance remains unaffected even if temperatures fluctuate constantly.
  • Longevity of the engine increases greatly – the energy loss is reduced and all parts function smoothly.

The variables in petroleum engineering are changing frequently, and we do our best to keep up, so you get true value for money each time you conduct business with us. The wholesale market operates on stringent parameters, which is why we supply only premium grade, API-licensed lubricants and hydraulics such as Rover multi-purpose gear oil and Rover full synthetic blends. To know more about the technical specifications of Rover motor oil and related products, simply download the comparison charts and Product & Material Safety Data Sheets. 


Great quality products like the ones you have expected and experienced from US Global Petroleum continue to be the best in the industry. Give your customers the products they have learned to trust from your company. Providing a motor oil with a long and established reliability can improve your business and make you proud of the products you suggest.

This no-excuses motor oil has proven itself many times over in performance and cost effectiveness. US Global believes in the performance of their products and Rover Oil is no exception. Check out the Rover oil review to be informed of the benefits of using this safe and reliable product.

Stay with the tried-and-true motor oil with consistent results.