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Rover – Great Quality and Performance

US Global Petroleum launched the Rover brand on the US petroleum market in order to enable consumers to get a true high-quality American product at an affordable price. This brand has earned a name for itself with innovative products that work stably under extreme conditions. Rover oil line encompasses in ascending the whole range of engine oils of basic demand - from synthetic blend oils for the vehicle with the long-life operation and high mileage to high-end synthetics for cars of the latest generations. Products of the Rover brand are represented in all major motor oil groups - Full Synthetic Motor Oil, Synthetic Blend Motor Oil, DESOX1 Approved Full, DESOXI Approved Synthetic, Automatic Transmission Fluid, GL-5 Gear Oils, and AW Hydraulic Oil, the performance level of which meets the requirements most massive segments of the US automotive market. The products' features of this group satisfy the requirements of generally accepted international classifications. Since Rover motor oil has passed all stages of testing, evaluated to verify and met all international standards of the leading world manufacturers of the automotive industry, we recommend it safely for our customers.


Multi-purpose Rover engine oil has exceptional longevity, inhibits corrosion and rust build-up, protects engine parts from wear even if the conditions are rough, reduces friction, oxidation, and prevents any foreign deposits such as dirt or debris. Specialized base components and additives ensure that rust and corrosion are both inhibited and cannot accumulate. The long-life of the engine increases greatly - the energy loss is reduced and all parts function smoothly. The use of Rover oils is the key to long engine life maintaining its technical condition at the level of "like new".


Rover oils are high-quality products that have proven themselves many times over in performance and cost-effectiveness. You can make proud of oils we promote and stay with the tried-and-true Rover motor oils with consistent results!