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Given the huge selection of lubricants, both specialists and ordinary consumers often cannot give an unambiguous answer to the question of which engine oil manufacturer to choose. To our mind, the engine oil should be original, correctly selected according to the season taking into account the viscosity, and also comply with the tolerances and recommendations of the manufacturer of the engine. US Global Petroleum has an impeccable reputation associated with reputed refiners and additive firms in the oil & gas industry over the years. We build long-term relationships with our customers. One of them is Petromerica, a reputable manufacturer that offers to its consumers the highest standards in the petroleum industry. It produces a unique product of oil that has resulted from the company's competent policy and reluctance to save on raw materials. 


We offer Petromerica engine oil of very high quality, in the production process of which the leading-edge technology has been used to provide a low content of sulfur, ash, and phosphorus. Petromerica brand has a very wide product line which includes not only the best motors oil for a certain brand of car but even for a model. Their products meet all international standards of quality and can be used in gasoline and diesel engines equipped with a turbo charging system, for high mileage cars and motorcycles, for vehicles operating in normal and the toughest driving conditions. The company produces such lubricants as hydraulic oil and heavy-duty oil, transmission oil and all types of synthetic oils. Check out Petromerica oil deals and meet the Product and Material Safety Datasheets at our website.


Today Petromerica oil overpasses the highest automakers' standards and provides outstanding engine wear protection over the widest range of temperatures driving in both normal and extreme conditions. By filling Petromerica motor oil, the major unit of your car will be under reliable protection!