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Ilast antifreeze at the best price

Manufacturers of automotive chemicals merit no less attention than the engine oil manufacturers. So, we recommend drawing attention to the products of the popular brand - iLAST that deserve recognition for their target audience. The company manufactures a product of original quality, made for the domestic consumer with the optimal combination of low price, high quality, and excellent efficiency. iLAST products are made to equip you with the best lubricants on the market, made to keep your car running in top form. iLAST lubricants presented in a wide range. 


There are a number of fluids in the car where the engine coolant plays a significant and important role so that your car could work without interruption and always be in good working order. Unfortunately, many car consumers pay insufficient attention to antifreeze which eventually leads to serious problems in the engine. Therefore, each car owner should periodically monitor the level of coolant and, if necessary, add it. It is also important to replace the old antifreeze with a new one.


Coolant is an important element of the car cooling system. You can use iLAST coolant with the specially selected chemical composition to avoid the motor from overheat. High-quality antifreeze provides excellent protection against freezing, overheating, corrosion rusting, oxidation, clogging and boil-over while the replacement interval is up to five years. The premium fluid is available for heavy-duty or light duty applications and maintenance, and also includes specific lubricants in all-purpose lithium form, high-temperature grease, and 50/50 varieties.


When choosing antifreeze, car owners should pay attention to the car manual where, usually, the automaker indicates the type of coolant allowed. Use a product you have confidence in to monitor the performance of the cooling system and to prevent starting problems with the engine. In our view, iLAST antifreeze is the best choice for your car needs!