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Golden Stallion – Top Quality and Performance

Golden Stallion is one of leading brands in the lubricant industry today. Consistent and top-notch performance has ensured that this product remains the first choice of consumers when it comes to purchasing multi-grade oils.

Here’s what US Global Petroleum offers under the Golden Stallion Brand:

  • Full Synthetic Motor Oil
  • Synthetic Blend Motor Oil
  • High Mileage Motor Oil
  • Heavy Duty Motor Oil
  • Tractor Fluid
  • Automatic Transmission Fluid
  • Anti-Wear Hydraulic Oil
  • All Purpose Gear Oil

When you offer your clients the best, they form a long-standing relationship with you and that is what we want as well. To reassure you that Golden Stallion products are of the best quality we have included the Product and Material Safety Data sheets so that you can access the information for further clarifications.

Please take a look at the supportive data files (in an easy-to-download format) that we have included, so that you know exactly what you are selling to your customers. It highlights facts, figures, products available and other important criteria about the brand. We provide a guarantee regarding the quality of Golden Stallion products. Call us or write an email if you have any queries – you will not be disappointed.

Golden Stallion motor oil continues to be the choice of the in-the-know consumer who strives to bring only the very best product line to its valued customers.

These outstanding lubricants are proudly presented in many varied formats to best suit the needs of its customers and distributors alike. Let's face it - reputation is formed by the consistency of quality and credibility of product and performance. As a leader in the petroleum engineering field, Golden Stallion oil has proven to be outstanding in quality and usability. Golden Stallion oil reviews continue on an upward trend.

Go for Quality and Reputation. Ask for Golden Stallion oil.